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We develop software to improve the operation processes of retail stores. We grow every day by doing the most important thing for us which is enabling our clients’ businesses grow thanks to the implemented Automacon solutions.

After having won the trust of the Russian market and stood out from many other companies we are now entering the US, European and South American markets.


Our company has more than 200 qualified specialists


We have carried out automation for more than 100 companies


Our company has been successfully operating on the Russian market for more than 11 years

Retail automation

Retail automation is one of the main spheres of our company which allows our clients to boost sales. We make effective decisions and immediately react to any changes concerning the market environment as well as customers’ preferences.

Our products

Cash solution
With the help of Cash solution any shop can get all required instruments for running a technological business without any complex integrations with third-party developers. Our product works out of the box.
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Teal-POS – self-checkout cash desk
Save your customers time. Self-service checkout will allow your customers to weigh and pay for purchases on their own. The cash register functionality is so convenient and intuitive that even a child can pay. Remote software installation.
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Smart fitting room
The system includes software, a professional monitor, and RFID sensors that are attached to clothing. The system integrates with the store database. The buyer brings the items into the fitting room. After that the system reads the data from RFID tags and displays complete information about the item.
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Payment service
Cloud service. Carrying out an unlimited number of transactions from different services with a guarantee of storing the information on each of them. No need to integrate with the bank directly. Payment without the Internet on a phone, tablet. Integration with an accounting reporting system.
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Smart grocery cart
Fewer queues – more purchases. Supermarket customers will save time for shopping and won’t waste it waiting in line. A grocery cart equipped with tablets with the software will allow you to immediately pay for the product and put it in the cart.
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Smart refrigerator
If you install the fridge software in your supermarket, restaurant or café, you’ll get: an average bill increases; Retail space monetization; Boost in client’s loyalty;
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We help with almost any retail solution.

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Retail Software Development

Developing end-to-end retail software solutions that provide increased operational efficiency, empowered consumer experience and product demand forecasting

We are a system integrator
for retail companies

Retail & E-Commerce Automation
  • Accounting system automation
  • management accounting automation
  • Employee management automation
  • Store management automation
  • Automation of warehouses and distribution centers
  • Delivery automation
  • Automation of pricing
  • Automation of the loyalty system
  • Integration with external partners
  • Telegram bots development
  • Payment service development
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1C software custom development
  • 1C software custom development
  • Accounting system automation
  • Automation of management accounting
  • Personnel management automation
  • Store management automation
  • Delivery automation
  • Loyalty system automation
  • Integration with external partners
  • Payment service development
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Mobile- and Web-applications
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web application development
  • MVP
  • Design and Engineering / UI / UX design services
  • IT solutions Consulting
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Computer vision

Creating the retail of the future today. We develop computer vision and artificial intelligence systems that can take business to a new level

  • Fraud detection
  • Analysis of the queues during the day
  • Monitoring of equipment breakdowns
  • Control of cashiers ‘ uniforms
  • Analysis of the occupancy counter
  • Launch of the store of the future without cash registers and sellers
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