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Smart refrigerator

After you install the refrigerator software in your supermarket, restaurant or café, you’ll get:

  • an average bill increases
  • a retail space monetization
  • boost in client’s loyalty

In order to take out a product, a client has to register and open the fridge. There are different ways to register, via fridge or via cash register.

  1. Via cash register:

-using the loyalty system

-withdrawing the money from the credit card

  1. Via fridge

-using the mobile app and QR code on the refrigerator handle

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Authorization via loyalty system
  1. 1 —At the cash register choose which fridge to open.
  2. 2 —Scan the barcode on the loyalty card.
  3. 3 —The needed fridge opens.
Authorization via credit card
  1. 1 —At the cash register choose which fridge to open.
  2. 2 —Cash register will ask the customer to place the card to identify the person (1$ will be removed and sent back).
  3. 3 —When the money is sent back, the fridge opens.
Authorization via the mobile app
  1. 1 —After authorization the button opens the fridge is available.
  2. 2 —Choose which fridge to open.
  3. 3 —Scan the QR code with camera.
  4. 4 —Client data is sent to the server and the fridge opens.

You can choose which algorithms of opening you want to use. If necessary, we can develop alternative means of opening the fridge.

In order to control the work quality and monitor the client’s actions, the CCTV turns on by itself when the door opens.

Discuss your project

Discuss your project