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Teal-POS – self-checkout cash desk

Saves your customers’ time. Self-service checkout will allow your customers to weigh and pay for purchases on their own. Even a child can pay, the cash register functionality is convenient and intuitive. Remote software installation.

Customers’ benefits

  • Save time. Avoid queues.
  • Fast payment
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 payment availability
  • A connected video camera that identifies a customer and a product

Shop benefits

  • Minimize the cost of a cash register maintenance and reduce staff cost.
  • Fewer queues and more foot traffic
  • Save or monetize empty retail space
  • Installation of specialized software. Fiscal and non-fiscal mode of operation
  • Remote cash register management.
  • Statistics and reporting documents creation.
  • Integration with an external loyalty system.
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Discuss your project