Cash Register software

A software package has been developed that combines a classic cash register, a self-service cash register and self-service scales

Depending on the need, the client-server architecture allows you to quickly switch the interface to the appropriate mode

Hardware support:

  • fiscal recorder
  • barcode scanner
  • acquiring storage
  • keyboard
  • buyer display
  • fiscal storage
  • label printer
  • scale


  • Low cost of ownership
    • No additional licenses (OS, third-party software)
    • Minimum hardware requirements
    • Easy to adapt the solution to the specifics of the business with minimal labor costs
    • Easy to install and update
  • High productivity and speed of work (selection of goods, calculation of discounts, receipt formation, data exchange with equipment)
    • User-friendly and intuitive interface
    • Centralized management
  • Cross-platform
    • Windows
    • Linux
  • Reliability
    • Stable operation with the equipment
    • Easy crash recovery


Automation of the distribution center

Three distribution centers with a total area of more than 200,000 m2 have been automated

The system helps warehouse employees to collect more than a hundred thousand boxes every day in a few hours

Automation of the control system of three distribution centers:

  • Warehouse accounting (incoming / outgoing orders)
  • The job of an employee on the Assembly/disassembly
  • Addressable storage
  • Inventory
  • Mobile warehouse application (assembly of goods
via phone)
  • Integration with transport management (orders are placed in flights)
  • Integration with the inventory management unit (spending orders are made on the basis of orders to suppliers)

Automation of delivery to stores. Implemented a vehicle management system:

  • Formation of routes and flights
  • Distribution of orders by flights
  • Accounting for transport and drivers
  • Automation of mutual settlements with transport companies
Mobile application

A cross-platform mobile app for the buyer of a healthy food retail chain has been developed «VkusVill»


  • Ordering products with delivery
  • Bonus system
  • Order products by pickup from a convenient store
  • Product self-scanning system
  • Evaluation of the quality of purchased products and reviews
  • Price check by barcode of the product
  • Online product balances at the point of sale
  • Product catalog with photos, manufacturers, characteristics
  • Hotline for all feedback channels
  • Assigning the customer’s access points depending on
    the priority categories of the product
  • Register a loyalty card at the checkout using the QR code of the mobile app
  • Product catalog with photos, manufacturers, characteristics
  • A varied diet
  • Favourite product
  • Green price tag
  • I’m in the store
  • Subscription

In 2020, the national quality monitoring system "Roskachestvo" recognized the application "VkusVill" as the most functional among Russian retailers.

Telegram bot

Chatbot for customers and couriers, replaces the mobile app and allows you to use the loyalty system

Functionality of client’s telegram bot:

  • Order delivery of goods