We offer you a wide variety of comprehensive vertical and functional solutions which solve all the essential business problems, which a modern retailer can face, ranging from POS support and store management (merchandise range and properties, pricing, loyalty, procurement, stocks, delivery, data acquisition terminals, barcoding) to supply chains, financial flows and data analytics.

Our Specialization

  • Online & Offline Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Production
  • Public sector

What we do

Retail software

Tealpos cash register software allows you to automate the checkout area, reduce queues, provide more traffic, optimize the work of staff as well as integrate cash registers with the online store and mobile application.

The software solution is suitable for both large federal stores and small retail chains.

Software for the store combines:

  • Self-service ticket offices
  • Classic cash registers
  • Self-service scales
Custom development of 1C software

Custom development of 1C software
• Automation of the accounting system
• Management accounting automation
• Automation of personnel management
• Store management automation
• Automation of warehouses and distribution centers
• Delivery automation
• Loyalty program automation
• Integration with external partners
• Development of a payment service

Mobile and Web applications

Mobile App Development
• Web application development
• Design and Engineering/UI / UX design services.
• IT solutions Consulting

Computer vision

Create the retail of the future today. We develop computer vision and artificial intelligence systems that can take business to a new level.
• Fraud detection
• Analysis of queues during the day
• Monitoring of equipment breakdowns
• Cashiers’ uniform control
• Fullness of shelves monitoring
• Launch of the store of the future with no need for cash registers and sales assistants

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